Why Industry Awards Matter More Than Ever

Why Industry Awards Matter More Than Ever
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Earlier this year, our CEO Richard Williams was one of 12 international judges of the prestigious C&IT Americas Awards. It was under the most unusual circumstances in the awards’ history. Thanks to COVID-19, next year’s honors will also be different, but essential, he says. 

Why are event industry awards like C&IT so important? 

Humans need recognition. It’s part of our DNA. We want to see what our peers consider the best. Awards are a way of hearing applause that your sweat and tears were worth it.  They are one of the best non-monetary ways of helping us feel good about our work product. And they help us strive to always do better. 

Should there be a 2021 Awards? 

Absolutely. Awards programs, like C&IT Americas, help us have hope again and challenge us. With everything that has gone on in 2020, I think the focus for next year should also evolve. New categories that make sense include:

    The most interesting hybrid or virtual show;
    The most innovation solution to revitalizing the industry;
    The most effective pivot from live to virtual or hybrid.

What is your message for the future of our industry? 

It’s brighter than ever. These awards tell us what we can do again when the time is right. The pent-up demand among clients, employees, and the whole world is palpable. The eagerness to meet again in places near and far has never been stronger. I see signs of the recovery every day. Small signs yet steady signs that thigs are getting better.   

As an industry, it is our job to be ready with new ideas and technologies, all while doing it safely and wisely. It may be different, a little more tentative at first, but the world is super charged to return to great experiences built around meetings, events, and incentives. 

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