Where to Host Your Next Event in North America

Where to Host Your Next Event in North America

What are the best cities to host your next event in North America? A recent study ranked the top 10 list for 2020 based on a combo of requested cities, RFPs won, and value. Each of the top three cities moved up a rank from last year. And last year’s top spot – Las Vegas –  moved to Number 10. Here’s the full list:

1. New York

2. San Francisco

3. Chicago

4. Atlanta

5. Toronto

6. San Diego

7. Seattle

8. Orlando

9. Dallas/Fort Worth

10. Las Vegas

Does that mean you should only focus on top-ranked cities? Absolutely not. Instead consider the culture of the destination.

Many smaller US cities have distinct and authentic personalities that are a huge draw. Think New Orleans or Austin. Other mid-size cities, like Nashville and Denver, offer walkable downtowns that make it easier for your guests to explore and connect locally.

Finally consider your event objectives. Small cities are eager to grow their business. Event planners stand to benefit from not only cost savings but the opportunity to create remarkable experiences in unique settings. 

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