7 Top Incentive + Event Trends for 2020

7 Top Incentive + Event Trends for 2020
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Transformational experiences continue to drive incentives and events in 2020. Community, wellness and corporate responsibility will all play a role in creating highly memorable and authentic experiences.

Intimate is In

In 2019, the average group size in the US and Asia was under 100. In Europe, it was under 50. Create an intimate atmosphere so your guests feel connected. You, your brand, and your goals will feel more authentic too.

Pick Nontraditional Venues

Conference rooms are out. Inventive spaces like art galleries, warehouses and gardens are in. Even hotels are creating non-traditional spaces like rooftops and beachfronts. And when it has to be at a hotel, get creative with design. The cool factor in spaces encourages more social media sharing.

Sustainability Matters

Companies are more focused on reducing their impact on the environment. Going greener can mean anything from replacing plastic water bottles with biodegradable options to choosing seasonal, local produce in catering.

Keep It Personal

Client and employees expect deeper and more personalized communication from brands. For events this could involve tailored activity schedules and maps.

Embrace Wellness + Mindfulness

In our overstimulated world, share mindfulness in your message.  From guided meditation, mini massages or specially crafted beverages, a happy guest is a more engaged guest.

Local Experiences Shine

Make the destination a star. Design activities that connect your guests and community. Get them behind the scenes with an expert. Show them a side of the city that few seldom see. Work with artists and artisans to bring the neighborhood to life.  

Theme It

Create an event theme that links the first announcement to the final musical note. Tie in each activity to sustain excitement, enhance brand buzz and leave a lasting memory.

Let our creative team design a custom experience for your special group.

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