There is default one that is in /styles/master1/c/ folder. If you want to replace it, just upload image with "caption-sub.jpg" name to the folder. Size should be 1920 x 320 pixels (6:1)

You can use Caption Image field in CMS to replace it on specific pages.

Or upload Category Image on category pages.

1. CMS - "Header" field

2. Ecommerce Category - category name

3. Ecommerce Product - product name

4. Blog list - blog name

5. Blog post - post name

6. News/Events item - news/events name


Blog and News/Events module also contain subtitle that is pushed automatically from modules

Corporate Travel

Stressless travel is possible if you start with a plan and strategy.

No stress means having someone arrange for you to be in the right neighborhood, at the right hotel, with the right ambiance and amenities for the task. Sometimes it means very traditional hotels, while other times it means modern, trendy. Other times is all about a good working environment or a perfect place for dinner and drinks.

No stress includes arranging your transportation, in and out and during your stay, as well as the restaurants that can make or break the trip and the local places to experiences or share with clients or partners. It means knowing what to avoid as well – hotels that are no longer suitable, restaurants that have lost their vibe, and places just too far away from the where you need to be.

Working closely with our clients, we develop a plan, set a strategy and focus on the key elements to ensure success. Along the way, we fill in the details and arrange the priorities.

When planning corporate travel we think of “No stress” as At American Guest, no task is too big or too small.

SEO Content appears the first in source code and on the very bottom of page. Its placement depends on Module.

1. Edit it in CMS "SEO Content" Content Area on normal CMS pages.

2. E-commerce categories have it in "SEO ("SEO Content")" section.

3. E-commerce Product is editable in "SEO Data (Content)" section.


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